Evil Eye Rock Art was born out of a love for screen printed gig posters. More timeless and unique than a t-shirt, this is always the first thing I look for when I hit the merch booth at a show. Hanging a hand printed poster with beautiful art , featuring an amazing concert, serves not only as a fantastic reminder of a great time, but also stands alone as a great addition to any art collection.

Evil Eye wants to help bands playing in Canada bring that same experience to their fans. With fluctuating economies, shipping and duty fees, and the cost of bringing posters across the border drives up prices. Let us help by procuring some killer art and printing the posters here in Canada.

Evil Eye Rock Art works with artists all over the globe to bring amazing posters to your band. Contact us for more info.

-Sleepy Mike
Evil Eye Rock Art

info AT evileyerockart DOT com