• Published:
  • February 14, 2015

‘The Oculus’ art print series ‘The Oculus’ art print series

Evil Eye Rock Art was born from a love for screen printed gig posters, and a desire to help bands playing in Canada deliver some fantastic artwork to their fans. It has been a great success so far, and I really wanted to expand on that and be able to release art more consistently. With that, Evil Eye Rock Art is proud to announce its latest project: The Oculus Art series. The Oculus (latin for ‘eye’) will be an ongoing series of art prints, featuring artists from all over the planet.

I am very excited to show off the very first print in the series: ‘All the World Inherits Wrath’ by Indonesian artist Waguna Wiryawan. Waguna lives in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Since 2009 he has created illustration works, albums cover, posters, and t-shirt designs. His artistic passion lies with nature, solitude, and darkness. This print was originally commissioned to be an ‘Evil Eye’ design for promotion, but once I saw the first progress shots, I knew this has to be released as a stand alone piece. These limited edition prints will be available February 18th in the Evil Eye online store.